About Me

My Name is Audrey and I am a Lampwork Glass Bead Maker and Jewelry Designer. I make Vintage Style Jewelry using vintage jewels, my own handmade glass beads and various other materials, which I sell in my two Etsy shops, Principessa Glass and Principessa Jewels.

I started out making jewelry about 7-8 years ago, (I think?) with my Mom. She had started doing it being an artsy, creative person herself... Over the years of my growing up, my Mom sewed, taught tole painting classes, did a little knitting.. she always had a little something going on that was creative. So naturally.. I grew up with a flair for it as well... 

As a teenager I was sewing fun little mobiles for myself, which then all my friends wanted.. I started refinishing furniture, I'd paint anything I could with a random gallon of left over paint from the stash in the basement.. This would be how I ended up with a bright yellow bookcase!

After making jewelry for awhile I had amassed more than I knew what to do with, could wear or give away, so I opened an Etsy shop. I stumbled across Lampwork beads while shopping on eBay, and after a bit of trial and error, soon figured out what was quality and what was a cheap made in China bead..

The good stuff was a bit spendy, so like any crazy, crafty type.. I said.. "I can learn to do this"... found someone who taught classes and off I went... Thousands of dollars later in materials and equipment, I now make my own lampwork beads! I am still enthralled by the process and will continue to make them as long as I am!

I currently live in San Antonio Texas with my Husband of 21 years and my 17 year old daughter, along with the canine love of my life Quinn, (my trusty stalker, Golden Retriever). We also have an Australian Shepherd named Freyja, who adores my husband and our newest addition, Nutmeg. A sweet, grey and white tabby kitten, who is the loviest, sweetest, cat we've ever had.

You will find me talking about my life in general here on my blog as well as my Etsy shops. I try to feature other artisans and Etsy sellers, along with great finds I see on Etsy.

You can find me on facebook, Twitter , and in my two Etsy shops, Principessa Glass and Principessa Jewels.

Thanks for stopping by!