Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Beads!!

Yes...Finally some new bead sets are listed in my Etsy shop! I am working on getting a flow going, a certain rhythm to my making, photographing and listing.  If I had things MY way in a perfect world... I would just spend my day being creative making beads, maybe even spend time making jewelry again. I would have this lovely very accommodating assistant that would clean my beads, clean the mandrels, re-dip the mandrels, order glass and misc supplies, make up bead sets, take photos, edit them, and list them on the web site. Sadly... the creative... I make beads part of this life, is really not the majority of my day, unless I do silly things like stay up until 3-4am making beads. That has happened more than once this past week and it has produced some nice results. Obviously I can't keep this schedule forever, it just throws everything off for the next day, since I then sleep till noon, so my day gets started even later.. and the whole cycle gets more and more out of whack!

I am not sure what the real answer is to how this is done best, but I will keep trying to get things more balanced and have more time to do things at an enjoyable pace. If you haven't already done so, check out my Principessa Glass facebook fan page. I list my beads there when I get them put in my Etsy shop and I have a photo gallery of past and present work in there. It isn't a complete gallery, but does have most of the past couple of months worth. I will work on getting some of the past stuff in there when I find where I put all my free time... I'm sure it's around here some where, I must have just misplaced it.

My Juniper Gems shop is still open and still severely neglected! It is on my list of things to do...I was so excited to have my own beads to work with and now I don't have the time to do any thing but make the beads...Thanks for stopping by..Check out what is new in my Etsy shop!


ahhouck said...

My dear princess, your work is lovely but unless you get some help you are going to burn out rapidly. You are good enough to set prices that would enable you to get some help. Have you ever thought about a high school gal or graphic arts student. I have a 16 year old granddaughter & it is incredible what she can do around a computer as well as her class mates. These young people are extremely eager & I'm sure one could take that part off your load & let you do your thing with glass. Do think about it. It could be the kid next door. Don't underestimate these kids. They are smart. Good Luck.

Glass Princess said...

I've actually been working hard at coming up with a more workable schedule which I recently implemented. It has allowed me a lot more freedom, a lot more time to be creative and I am learning to just relax and go with the flow! If I have beads to list great, if I don't... I don't.

As for that high school student with an interest in art, she lives here! We have discussed her doing work for me, paid, so I can have more time to do the parts I can't and won't pay someone else to do... make my beads!!! She loves art! Has taken glass fusing classes this past year and would like money for studio time to go make more things... I told her this would be a way to earn it. I think we will work on getting her trained this summer. I have bought a crap load of mandrels so I am able to leave them till she will have time to clean them etc. We might even work on some photography or computer work, she's great on the computer! Thanks so much for the input and leaving a comment! Burn out is definitely what I am trying to avoid!

Cindy said...

So happy to have found your blog. I'm a night owl like you...there's just never enough time in a day! Your beads are just gorgeous...looking forward to seeing more. :-)

Glass Princess said...

Thanks Cindy!!!