Monday, June 7, 2010

Gone To The Birds!

Have you ever thought that maybe one or both of your parents had..."Gone to the birds?"... You know,  a bit off the deep end, so to speak.. or literally..actually... now was a total bird nut! It started years a go when I was growing up, I just had no idea how far it would actually go. First it was bird hunting with our Chesapeake Bay Retriever. They both were pretty good, actually brought back some ducks, even a goose as I recall. Of course as a kid I had a limited appreciation of these events. I think I was mostly grateful I wasn't forced to go along under the pretense that "It would be fun".

Later in life when retirement came, it turned into making bird feeders, many trips to the bird store to buy the feed, special containers to store the food to keep pests out... Books for identification... the binoculars never got put away.. you just never knew when you might need a closer look  to be sure you got the right bird name. Words like Bush Tit became commonly spoken... more bird houses... too many to use... Let's paint them and give them away.... They were both involved now!

Dad has always played around with woodworking. He did some furniture building.. My lampworking table is a piece of his handy work.. He did some work with gun stocks called checkering. He acquired more and more tools and bigger pieces of equipment... then he got a lathe... This was the beginning of all thing turned. I could go on about this slow slide into insanity, but I'll just get to the real point of my post. He has taken all these years of bird/wood obsession and turned it into an Etsy shop called Pacific NW Woods. He is offering his own hand turned and finished bird calls. There are other possibilities beyond birds as I am to understand it, but... as I said before.. the man has really gone to the birds!

Stop by and see these beautiful functional works of art at his new shop. You can even send him a message, but don't expect a 100 word response like you'd get from me.. he's not quite as chatty!


Cindy ~ said...

Sounds like you and I had similar child hoods... scary thing is I now have the bird book on the counter near the back door and a pair of binoculars (never put away) sitting near the window on the edge of the fire place mantle! Got my disease from genes... Great Aunt, Grand Mother, Father are all "gone to the birds" although Dad not as bad as Aunt Kate! Heading over to your dad's shop - maybe I can find a Father's Day gift (or two! ;o) )

Glass Princess said...

Birds of a feather, flock together! It's good to know he's in good company!

hotglassbabe said...

I think your Dad's shop is fabulous and he really has a serious talent in woodworking! I think he shop will do well. :)