Thursday, July 15, 2010

Key to my Heart!

Beads... of course! Well, that and maybe a shopping spree at Nordstroms! I don't know where the time goes, but go it does! I have been distracted lately with a nice long visit from Emily's best friend Hannah, who we enjoyed for two weeks. The girls kept me quite busy, but we really had a very good time trekking all over San Antonio, checking out all there is to see and do.

On the bead front I have been making loads of hearts and skeleton key beads lately, hence the title of this post. I found an awesome bead press, thanks to a post by Marcy Lamberson, from a Gal who lives in the Canary Islands. She makes some very nice, unique brass presses and the heart press is to die for! I took a little leap of faith and bought it, since the last one I bought wasn't really all that thrilling as far as I was concerned. This one makes beautiful, plump hearts! It's not a super simple press to use, it does take a little practice to get it down, but it's also not terribly complicated. It is a bit like making a heart without a press, but this enables you to make them of a consistent size and gives them a nice crisp finish!

I have been searching antique stores for skeleton keys, which has been a bit more difficult than I thought it would be, but I do enjoy the hunt! Thankfully, Emily also likes antique stores and knows to look for keys, so she lets me know if she stumbles across a stash. I have begun resorting to buying them online, but have found plenty of sellers willing to test them for me and pick out keys that meet my preferences. Not as much fun as picking them out myself, but so far I have had pretty good success with the online purchases.

I am starting the think about fall and winter beads already. It seems odd, but if you've been in your local craft store, like Hobby Lobby, they are already selling fall decor and I have no doubt that Christmas decorations are in the stock room and ready to hit the shelves any day!

I am gearing up to get my jewelry shop, Juniper gems, back in shape in the next few weeks. I have some great new pieces planned and some new (to me) concepts to introduce as well.  I am going to try and be more consistent with my blog posts. I have just been so distracted by other life issues lately!

Stop by my Etsy shop and see some of the new bead sets, hearts and keys I have listed! Also if you aren't already a fan of my facebook page, consider becoming one, I post all my new listings there as soon as I put them on Etsy each day. Thanks for stopping by!

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Welcome back my friend! :o)