Saturday, August 28, 2010

Staying Sharp!

As I may have mentioned here before my father has a knack for making all the right connections. Sometimes he finds them, sometimes they find him. This would be an example of the later. My parents live in a smaller neighborhood with just a single street allowing access into and out of the area. Their house is conveniently located at the T that comes into the area, if you keep driving straight, you end up in their drive way. This allows my retired father, who spends a great deal of his time puttering around in his garage/shop, to play the neighborhood male version of Gladys Kravitz. No one gets in or out of that neighborhood without him knowing about it.

One day while doing his normal work (puttering), a man he didn't know from the neighborhood came up and asked him if he wanted some scrap wood. They struck up a conversation and my Dad learned Bob, lived just a short ways from him and made knives in his own workshop, out of his home. My Dad later visited Bob's workshop and found an amazing array of knives. All hand made, with wood handles made of various woods, in different, patterns sizes and styles. He offered to make a knife for my Dad, and not being the type to turn down anything free, my Dad gladly accepted, he also said he would make another knife for someone else in the family if Dad wanted him to.... I am the recipient of that knife!

Pictured here with an additional knife he also made for me, it is a big, beautiful, 10 inch Chefs knife with a handle made of several different exotic woods. The blade is razor sharp, made from High Carbon Stainless Steel. The blades are hardened and tempered. Once an edge is ground into them they keep it! Let me tell you.. this knife is sharp, but a sharp knife is a safe knife! You use less pressure when you cut, giving you more control. With a dull knife you'll use an unnecessary amount of pressure to compensate for the lack of sharpness of the blade, this results in a lack of control and a greater likelihood you'll injure yourself!

The boning or filet knife he made me has the most beautiful wood inlays! Bob says he uses exotic woods from all around the world, ebony from Africa, tigerwood, Bolivian rosewood, jatoba, redheart and yellowheart from South America, and many, many, more. The blade has a gorgeous curve to it and would work well for both fish or meat. All of the knives are acid etched using a medieval formula of fuming acids. He has etched my name on one side of each knife blade and a beautiful swirling pattern on the other. This is a very old fashioned way of etching, which he describes as dangerous, messy and altogether fun! He says he doesn't know of anyone else acid etching knives this way, these days most companies use laser etching. Bob has been a hobbyist knife maker for over 35 years.

I don't think I could begin to list the array of knife styles Bob makes here, but he makes all types, not just the culinary type I have pictured here. My Husband is getting a Bowie knife from him shortly, and I won't be using that in the kitchen! If you are interested in one of these Artisan made, functional works of art you can contact Bob Absaroka at


Cindy said...

Those are gorgeous! You gotta get a mold of your dad's texture! ;o) Would make a cool metal clay piece... ::giggle:: I know, I know I'm obsessed - but those knives are gorgeous - I love how many little hobbiests are out there making the world a little brighter! :o)

Glass Princess said...

It's not my Dad making these, but his neighbor. I agree the texture is amazingly cool! I love that not only are the knives beautiful, but they are so sharp, lightweight and easy to use! I don't think you're obsessed! Thinking out side the box is how you can come up with some of the coolest stuff! You see the world if a different way! Very fun way!

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Wow, what an artisan! Those are gorgeous knives... and I don't think I've ever said that about a knife before.

Audrey, thanks for stopping by my Facebook fan page! I love your lampwork glass and can't wait to see more. I'm like a crack addict around glass... seriously I love it that much!

Hope your labor day weekend is wonderful!

Designs by Dawn Marie

Glass Princess said...

Thank Dawn! The knives are awesome! I have two kitchen knives and he recently made a "Manly" knife for my husband. They are not only beautiful, but a true pleasure to use! Sharp, lightweight and very user friendly.

Thanks for your kind words about my beads! I too am a serious glass addict! At times I am sure my Honey wonders, why do you need more glass??? I've already told him well in advance I won't settle for anything less then the BIG box of crayons! The super pack with the built in sharpener and special colors that don't come in other packs...There is no stopping me now!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!!!

DalkullanJewelry said...

Amazing knives, the wood inlay is so beautiful!
Don't you just love the CraftCult widget? I have the same style on my blog as you do, and I really like it. So far, nobody has succumbed to the "buy now" button on mine, how they can resist the urge to click it I just don't know. :)

Glass Princess said...

The knives are awesome! If you want one send this guy and email... he can do just about anything and his prices are very reasonable for custom, artisan made...

I just stumbled across that craft cult widget and I love it! So much cooler than any of the other things like this I have tried. And yes... how can they resist??? It's so simple... and cute!

Evie's Tool Emporium said...

Nothing better in the kitchen than a knife that feels great in your hand! Enjoy! They are lovely!