Friday, February 4, 2011


I am only posting this NOT because I have never seen snow before, or lived somewhere where it snowed, but because it is snowing here in South Central Texas! It is a VERY rare occurrence that little white flakes even fall from the sky, but when they actually collect on the ground, even if it's only a half inch, it's still quite a big deal!

My husband who works an hour south of the city in a rural hospital can't even get home tonight. They have closed all the major highways and freeways after the accident toll reached over 500! Yes, I know this is NOT the blizzard they are having up in the north, but to people who have never driven in snow before, (and are really BAD drivers to begin with) it may as well be a blizzard!

It remains to be seen if they will cancel school tomorrow. Apparently they will be posting that info to Facebook and Twitter, as well as the district website.. When I was a kid you had to listen to the radio or watch the morning news.. the school district didn't tweet or have a Facebook that you could "like" them on. I DO get the whole social networking thing.. but I have to admit I am still amazed at who has a "follow me on Twitter" or "find us on Facebook" on their package these days. Thanks for stopping by! Keep warm where ever you are, and if you live in San Antonio and don't know how to drive in the snow... please stay home... Our car insurance went up 50% just moving here if that tells you anything about the average driver here!

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