Sunday, July 17, 2011

CurryDesignsHandmade: Featured Etsy Seller "PrincipessaGlass"

I am the featured Etsy Seller On Curry Designs Handmade Blog Today! Stop by and check out her article and leave a comment for her! So sweet of her to choose my shop!

CurryDesignsHandmade: Featured Etsy Seller "PrincipessaGlass": "After going through my favorite shops that I 'hearted' in my Etsy account I came across a shop called, PrincipessaGlass . It is a bead supp..."


Sonishka said...

Oh that is so nice! I have etsy shop too but dont have much stuff in there atm, i ll go have a look on yours ;-)

Glass Princess said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.. I love your puppy picture! They are so sweet and so much work.. Mine (a Golden Retriever) is 5 now and has reached a pleasant calm! I do love the babies though!!!

steufel said...

Congrats - and hopefully that brings you many sales!

Glass Princess said...

Thanks! It was really nice to be featured..