Friday, July 22, 2011

Oops! I Did It Again.....

Yes... I won yet another blog giveaway! I wish the rest of my life was going this smoothly! I really should seriously think about buying lottery tickets... I will say... that I enter FAR more of these blog giveaways than I win, but I seem to be on a roll and am almost feeling guilty since all three that I have won, have been on the same blog! I can assure you that there is no favoritism being given, I am just entering like anyone else... why I am winning is any one's guess! I for one, am not complaining!

My goodies from DondaLee's Blog Giveaway!
Once again this was from DondaLee's Blog.. She has some really fun posts, great giveaways and a really cute Etsy shop. You'll have to pop over and check out what she has going on. If more people enter these contests, I'll have much less of a chance of winning.. not that I dislike winning, but I'd like to share the wealth! 

The bundle of goodies I received from Dondi this time were all items made by her and available in her Etsy shop. I got a set of darling note cards, some hand stamped tags with cupcakes on them and a really cute cut edge, a pair of pink glass earrings.. and I do LOVE pink.. a really fun, rolled flower fabric brooch, also in PINK! It was all packaged so cute! Part of it was in the cute little muslin bag, also hand stamped, and the cards and tags were both tied up in pretty, colorful, bakers twine.. I just love that stuff and have been thinking about getting some for quite awhile.. Honestly I don't know what I would actually do with it, but I am sure I'd find something!

I've been posting some of the cool giveaways I find here on my blog so that others can enter them too.. this may be shooting myself in the foot, but I don't want to be greedy! Thanks again to DondaLee for another great giveaway.. and for the record, I was one of three people who won this one, so it wasn't just me this time.. she gave away three bundles..I just got one, which was great!


Anonymous said...

Pshhh, yeah, you beat me every single time!!! :P Ah well, I've won a few giveaways someday I'll have to win one of Dondi's! Right? Right! ;)

P.S. YAY and CONGRATS!!! :)


Glass Princess said...

I have no idea how!!!! Thanks for the congrats though!! And yes, you will win hers one of these days! I don't win most of the ones I enter..I have no idea how I got on such a roll over there!

hotglassbabe said...

Girl, you are GOOD. Ive not won a darn thing. But that seems to be my life... so Im used to it. :D Maybe someday I'll get lucky. Take that however you want, hehe.....

Glass Princess said...

I guess everyone one gets a little sunshine everyone now and then.. call me and I'll tell you about the clouds! I'm grateful for the goodies..It's all really fun stuff and I am using everything I have won from all three giveaways.. It's great to win stuff you CAN use!

Anonymous said...

Haha y'all crack me up! Yes, Audrey, you have been super lucky with my giveaways! And Lauralee, maybe someday you'll win won of my contests! It's hilarious that I've won two of yours (or maybe one?) I'll definitely be doing a lot more in the future. =)

Sandy said...

Hi Thank you for visiting my Blog!
Your profile made me curious, So I decide to visit with you.
The first thing I said was Aaaaahhhh. I love the pink just so sweeeeet.

By the way, thank you for becoming a follower. And have fun at my blog.
A diary of a life where creativity grows!

Glass Princess said...

Thanks for your sweet comments! Vintage Precious had posted a link to your blog on twitter, so I stopped by! Love the dreamy feel of your blog! I don't sew much, avoid it to be honest! But beads I love!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Vintage Precious said...

What fun! Such lovelies too! Congrats :)

Glass Princess said...

Vintage Precious,
Thank you!