Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Word About Fragrance....

I know it's been ages since I posted anything at all! Today I have something of a pet peeve on my mind, but it is a thing of importance that doesn't just effect me, FRAGRANCE! Now, I know many people enjoy the use of scented lotions, soaps, perfumes and such, along with products for the home like candles, sprays, diffusers etc. I wouldn't want to take away anyone's ability to do so, but what I would LOVE to see is greater sensitivity towards those GREATLY affected by fragrance.

I get migraines.. one of my top migraine triggers is fragrance. I am usually not effected by the person who wears scented items in a manner in which you would smell them should you give them a hug... I call this their personal space. Smell that is not wafting outside ones person, into other peoples space. VERY few people seem to apply fragrance in this manner. It seems that the school of thought is, that one must be able to smell it on themselves, which usually makes it strong enough that those for several feet around you, sometimes yards, can also smell it.

I try my best to avoid being close to people who do this, but it is NOT always avoidable. There is an increasing number of people with fragrance allergies who also struggle with this same issue. I change lines at the grocery store, move seats at the theater, etc.. but this simply isn't always possible. Sometimes you must endure and for someone like me, that means I will have a raging headache by the time I am done doing what I came to do.

I have asked friends who wear fragrance to PLEASE not wear it when we are together, but they tend to think that if they just apply it when I am not in the same room, that I won't be able to smell it all day long.. I can and still do! Putting those long lasting scent things in your bathroom means I have to hold my breath while I am in there... Hopefully I can be quick..

I recently ordered an item from a seller on Etsy. I order LOTS of my supplies on there. I try very hard to always fully read the listing. I will not order items that are listed as being fragranced, or request them to be sent/made unscented. The item I ordered was something used for metal working and NOT an item one would expect to be sent with a fragrance packet included in the box. I am sure a lot of this sellers customers LOVE this feature.. I however am not one of them. The smell has permeated the item I bought..(It was leather) and doesn't appear to be diminishing in strength. I reread the listing and it says nothing about the inclusion of anything fragranced giving  me the option of asking for this to be left out. I have left it outside on the porch overnight and the only thing this has done is scent my porch rail...

Last year I ordered some pretty lingerie for another Etsy seller.. it arrived so heavily perfumed, I stuffed it back in the mailer it came in and have left it there..(It would have cost me more to return it than to just call it a loss.. No mention of fragrance again in the listing though!)

I know this seems to be a touchy subject with some people and truly I find that it is really difficult to get most to understand the impact it has on others.  We have no-smoking laws in place due to second hand smoke and the fact that people dislike being around it.. Etsy sellers put in their listings if they are a smoke free home, or even smoke now, to let people know what to expect... I am not sure why this is such a difficult issue and why people feel the need to bathe in fragrance. I haven't always been so sensitive to smells and even used to wear fragrance. Sadly I can no longer.

I guess I would just love to see a greater level of sensitivity towards those who are really effected by this, as we do all share the same air and space at times...

End of my vent!

I am going to put an update of the new things I have been working on soon!

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Cindy ~ said...


I 150% understand and agree. The only "scent" I seem to be able to handle is citrus (if it is in a spray or soap or something like that) I can't do florals - and haven't been able to forever. when people scent themselves so much that a person walking by can TASTE IT it's just wrong!!

Totally get where you are coming from Miss Audrey and support your position! I guess we should put "do not send with" or "contact me if..." on etsy orders. If you want to "include" something send me a tea bag like Johanna does - MMMM! :o)

<3 you!!