Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dealing with change?

I know it's been a while since blogger changed it's format, but I haven't been very good about posting anything for quite some time so I have yet to deal with the new elements they have added and subtracted. Tonight I boldly decided to change my blog background etc.. well, 3 hours later and some very strong desires towards breaking something, I have accomplished my change.

I think I did every possible wrong thing in order to finally arrive at my desired destination. This is usually my way of working with technology.. I am not the worst at it, but certainly not a computer programing genius! I just keep plugging away doing everything wrong till I arrive at the right solution by default. This isn't the sum total of what I had hoped to accomplish with my evening, but alas I did get it accomplished. I didn't swear (out-loud) and nothing was broken, although I did look at my mug which at one time held hot spiced cider and pondered if throwing it against the wall would bring me any satisfaction. I decided the clean up was worth the effort.

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