Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Market Season 2013

I know I have been horrible about keeping my blog current.. I just can't seem to motivate myself to write about stuff. Too many other things to do! I do think about it occasionally and I do go and read other peoples blogs. I find some very interesting. I guess I shall resign myself to post when I post!

I have some new things I have made for this seasons shows / Markets. I haven't been doing much online selling lately. I have a few beads still on Etsy, my jewelry shop currently sits empty. You can still use it as a point of contact, but it may be awhile, (if ever) before I put anything new in there!

I am continuing to expand, explore and otherwise create in the realms of all things vintage and vintage inspired.

I will be adding some soldered pendant pieces into my designs this season. I have a few in the works, but none were photo ready today. I am also still playing with the torch fired enamel beads. I spent days a couple weeks ago making oodles of them, but just got in the chain I needed to put the necklaces together. I should have a few new ones for the Gruene Market February 16-17th.

I am in love with vintage mother of pearl buttons and you will find them embellishing just about anything I make. I pick them up anytime I see them at antique stores etc. They are getting harder to find and of course more expensive, but I love how down to earth, girl next door they are. I like that they keep a piece with lots of rhinestones and pearls from taking themselves too seriously. I like my pieces to have a bit of whimsy and a feel that make them a daily wearable piece.

I like things in life that are usable. I've grown tired of china that is only used for special occasions.. dresses you only wear once...I say USE it! Enjoy it... eat ice cream out of that tea cup or china.. if it's so precious you can't use it, what's the point in having it???

Just my life logic...Enjoy!

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