Saturday, November 21, 2009

What A Week!

Sometimes your week just doesn't go as planned.... I have had THAT week. I have had kind of a comedy of errors type of week, except that it has been less comedy, more error. It took me DAYS to figure out my new photo editing software, and I have by no means, got it figured out, but I can at least use it a little now. I have been trying to get my photos right for my jewelry shop since we move, but still don't have the right spot. I may have to just finally buy a photo tent and proper lights. I prefer natural outdoor lighting, but I have yet to find a workable spot at our new house.

It has gotten cold here this past week in the evening, and since my "studio" is out in the garage, it gets cold out there. This means that my glass, once I heat it up and use it, will crack the next time I go to use that same rod of glass! I have tried several different methods for trying to keep this from happening, but so far nothing has been really successful. I have a little space heater, but... it's whimpy! I think I am going to go to Costco and get one of those big disc heaters! I am getting desperate! This girl needs to melt some glass! I keep trying to get out there earlier in the day, but so far this week, I have been plagued by pretty bad headaches which won't go away until late in the day, if at all.

I just got a shipment of new glass and a whole bunch of cool new tools from cgBeads, that I am dying to play with! I will get out there sooner or later, I'd just like it to be sooner!

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