Saturday, December 5, 2009


It is currently 26 degrees outside! Now, if you live somewhere that has a cold winter, this would be expected, but this is south central Texas! They say it will be a record low tonight of around 23 degrees! I couldn't take it anymore and finally turned on the furnace, our house which is uber insulated, was at 68 degrees and I thought I was going to freeze! It was quickly up to 72 degrees and I resisted the urge to raise it all the way up to 78, which is where it is at most days. Yes, this may sound warm, but it's actually not, it's very comfortable in fact. Even my husband who is like a nuclear reactor, heat-wise, all on his own, is very comfortable.

Needless to say, with the problems I have been having with my glass rods cracking while I work out in the garage, I knew that this cold was way beyond what my current set up was capable of handling. I have made some adjustments lately that have improved things significantly, but temps in the 20 and 30's are just too cold for me!

Fear not, the weather should be back up into the mid to upper 60's by Monday! I may not freeze after all!
I put up a few new listings in my Juniper Gems shop, and my good friend Nikki at Bastille Bleu made me super cute holiday banners and avatars for both of my shops. You'll have to go and see them! They turned out so cute! She came to my rescue, since I am severely challenged in this area myself. I tried several different programs and methods for making my own banners and failed miserably. There are some things that it is wise to acknowledge that you CANNOT do yourself and pay someone else to do it for you. I was coming close to wanting to throw my new computer out the window, which in the long run would cost a lot more than paying someone to make a banner for me. I now know without a doubt that I suck at this and should make no further efforts at trying. The world in general will be a happier, safer place if I stick with this plan.

Hopefully I will be back at my torch later this weekend. I can only go so long with out a fix!!! I just got a new shipment of Creation Is Messy glass and am expecting more glass on Monday. It's like boxes of candy arriving! The rods are all so pretty to look at, and you can't wait to go fire up your torch and see what you can do with each one. I'll have plenty to play with this next week! I have a couple projects I am working on for the holidays, hopefully I can make something decent! Stop by my shop Principessa Glass an see my new holiday banner! If you leave me a heart, (aka, save me as a favorite) I will heart you back!

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good morn cold girl...
its a little nippy in the nw tooo..