Thursday, December 10, 2009

Making Some Progess....

I've been out torching glass like a fiend having a mix of success and failure. Such is life! I have made some strides in my quest to beat the cold, but it still plagues me. I am able to be out there on cooler nights, but COLD is out of the question. I stayed out last nigh a little too long and had a large rod 8-9 mm of new violet Effetre explode about 2-3 inches into flying glass projectiles! I am used to glass getting shocky, especially since it tends to get cool in my garage at night, but this was a big rod of glass that literally exploded! I decied then it was time to call it quits for the night. I have been making an effort to get out there earlier in the day, while it's still light out and the sun is warming up the garage door. However I tend to get lost in the art and spend hours out there! I thought I was doing good yesterday, got out around 4pm, wanted it to be earlier, but was distracted by other things. I came in and made dinner at 7pm, then back out a 8:30pm. I figured with the door closed I could reheat the space while I was in the house, which did work, but with the temps dropping into the 30's overnight that didn't do me much good for long!

I'd take some pictures of my recent work and post them here, but it is too darn cold out this morning to do so... another day! Plus I am still cozy in my PJ's.. The beauty of working from home! No one knows that you look like something that cat drug in from behind a computer! I will hopefully have a kiln just after the beginning of the year and start listing some beads in my Principessa Glass shop. I have a few new listings up in my jewelry shop Juniper Gems. The Holiday pieces are clearing out quickly. I still have a large selection of my Swarovski crystal Christmas tree earrings, but some versions are down to just one pair.

I think I am starting to feel my holiday "Fa La La"... that's what I call it anyway. That feeling  that it IS Christmas time and you are enjoying the whole idea of it. It took awhile being in a new place that doesn't exactly have a real winter. I just got my shipment of goodies I need to make my holiday candies, so I am set to start that any day now. I still have some shopping to do, but I was waiting for Friday to roll around with another paycheck to fund my efforts! Thankfully I really like shopping and enjoy finding the right thing for people. Have a great day! I'm off to torch some more!

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