Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet "That Frit Girl", Leslie Cifelli at a local Starbucks to pick up some frit I had ordered from her on her website. What a delightful person! She had offered to meet me locally and save me the cost of shipping, how cool is that? Since I just move to this city and only know a handful of people I jumped at the chance to meet a fellow lampworker, and another human being in general. It was lovely to sit and chat with Leslie over coffee and talk about all things glass and a little life in general. The frits she brought me are absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to get out to my torch and start playing with them.

I am really excited about a special program she is involved with called Beads of Courage, which makes beads for sick children. On her website are the details of how she has incorporated this into her frit business. It's very cool and something I intend to join in with. If you want to take advantage of Leslie's Frit challenge the details are on her website. You can just click on the link provided here to read all about it. Basically, she'll allow you to select from different groups of frit samples, that she will send to you free of charge, you make beads with the frit as the highlight, of course, and then send them back to her. She will take photos of them if you would like,  post them on her web site and then pass them along to beads of courage. I'd say it's a win win situation! You get to do something really cool for sick kids, try out frit blends for free, and make beads! All things I love!

If you haven't already, check out That Frit Girl, and if you live in the San Antonio, Texas you might even get the chance to meet up with Leslie.

I should be purchasing a kiln sometime this week!! Yeah for me! Hopefully I will be able to start listing some of the beads I make around the first of the year. I am now in the throws of Holidays, so it is doubtful I will have anything up before January. I look forward to being able to anneal my own beads! Check back into my shop Principessa Glass to see what I have going on, plus I will try and put updates on here as well. Also I will soon be using my own hand torched beads in my jewelry designs, so stop by my jewelry shop Juniper Gems and see what I have listed there.

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hotglassbabe said...

Love your new blog, the colors are awesome, and the music is so wonderful! Feels so christmasy! :) Took a trip over to see That Frit Girls website... love her frit and the Frit Challenge too. Plan to take her up on that and make some frit beads using her frit to help the kiddos! Woo hoo on almost getting to the finish line of purchasing your kiln! Your gonna love it! :)