Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Bought A Kiln!!!

Yes, I bought a kiln and am currently doing quite the little happy dance! This finally brings it all together! After months of torching, taking classes, buying more equipment, tools, supplies and getting things re-set up after a considerable move, I can finally make and anneal my beads! Being that is is the middle of the holiday season, I won't be killing myself to try and make beads and get them listed in my Etsy shop until after the first of the year and all of my holiday festivities are over, decorations are packed away for another year long hibernation and I have regained what sanity I still posses. I'm sure there isn't too much sanity left, but I have always though crazy people had the most fun anyway! I mean if you are too nuts to care, I'd say there is great freedom in that!

I will post some photos here when I get that far and likely on my other blog, Juniper Gems, as well. Thank you to all who have placed a heart in my empty Principessa Glass shop! It means a lot to have so much support in advance! I still have a lot of inventory in my Juniper Gems shop if you are looking for Holiday gifts still. I ship everything from that shop via USPS Priority mail, so as long as you buy before or on December 21st (early in the day) You should have no trouble getting and on time delivery. Just remember, I do my best to get things out the door in 24 hours or less, after that it's up to the postal service to do their job!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

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