Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Waiting forThe Man...

Nope, Not Santa yet, I am waiting for the "Man In Brown", Every girls boyfriend that brings her gifts, the UPS Man. I am supposed to get my kiln today and can't wait! I just love it when the UPS Man or the Fed Ex Guy arrives at my door. Even if you know you've ordered something, it still like a gift has arrived and it's so much fun to open your box and unpack all of your goodies! It sad someday's when he drives right by without even so much as a wave... Hey, I thought we had a good thing going? Why are you being so distant? Then comes that ring of the doorbell and knock, they always do both, if their any good! And once again my hope in the Man in Brown has been renewed. I have to say though, that Fed Ex guy has been pretty frequent as well lately, I wonder if Mr. Brown will get jealous?

I have a bunch of new glass coming in the next week or so, as well as some new presses. I have several jars of frit I have yet to get a chance to play with and several new tutorials that I am dying to try out. I have finally found most of the unusual and unique glass and such that the tutorials call for, so hopefully I can get to working on those soon.

It'll be nice to see Santa later this week, but for now... I am waiting for Mr. Brown!

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