Wednesday, December 23, 2009

He Came.. He Went...

But that's just fine with me because he left what I had been waiting for.. My new kiln! The "Man in Brown" Aka, The UPS driver did come yesterday and deliver my package without a scratch on it! I opened that box up, read the instruction, Yes, some people do that, and then went out and made the necessary adjustments so the cord would reach the plug in and I could still conveniently reach the door with little effort. It only took a little finessing to get things the way I wanted them and I had things all set up.

The kiln comes with several pre-programed annealing schedules, but I wanted to input a custom schedule that would accommodate my use of both Effetre and Bullseye glass. This was easier said than done since I am not exactly a whiz at this type of gizmos. It usually takes me a dozen or so tries before I get the damn thing figured out, but once I do get it down, I usually have a pretty good understanding of it since I have done it every possible wrong way and now have a fairly clear grasp on the right way.

I ran it through the program last night just to test it out and see if it ramped through all the steps correctly and it appears to have come through with flying colors! I am planning on getting out there later tonight make some beads and actually anneal them IN MY KILN!!! Yes, I find this thrilling! It has been a long road to get here! This is no cheap art form! I still have several significant things to do that will cost a bundle, but for now I have a workable studio. At least until the temperatures here in Texas start creeping back up and my garage becomes a sauna!

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