Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finally... I Have Beads Listed!

After what seems like an eternity, I  have listed beads in my Etsy shop, Principessa Glass. Not a ton mind you, but there are a few listings and I will be building up my inventory as I can get it made photographed and uploaded... Ah, the beauty of being a one man band! I am still finding "ME", my style, what appeals to me most to make and what I am the most successful at making right now.

I have a couple more classes I am signed up to take that will greatly help
some areas I am less than proficient in, which I will be attending in the next couple of weeks. It is amazing to me how much I can learn and continue to learn for an 8 hour class. You can only get down so much on the day of the class, but you leave with much to draw from and have a number of "Ah ha" moments afterwords as you work and finally get a concept by continuing to work on it.

I love the Pandora style beads and use those almost exclusively in the stuff I do for my personal use. It began quite innocently and became somewhat of an obsession! I just adore these things! I love being able to change out my bracelet in a matter of minutes, and the variety and possibilities are endless and ever changing.. I've begun saying, "It's not a bracelet, it's an obsession!" You've been warned... I have begun using my own artisan made lampwork beads in my jewelry designs in my Juniper Gems shop. Stop by there and have a peek at what I have listed. I still have a large stash of beads made by other very talented artist, so there will still be pieces in my shop with beads not made by me. My listings will specify if I made the beads. Thanks for stopping by.. keep checking my listings.. my tastes and skills are an ever evolving creature.

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