Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happily Overwhelmed!

Well, I am pleased to say that all the beads in my last post that I listed yesterday have already sold along with several more sets, including the ones I listed today! I thought it would take a while to actually start selling beads and that I would be kind of building up some inventory, but I am having trouble keeping up with this pace right now. I need to get my hiney out to the garage and work on some more beads! I have some more to list sitting here, but I still need to be working on more and keep the flow going, so to speak, since there are beads to clean photos to take, editing, and listing all involved in this process. As I mentioned yesterday, I also have a few other "household" responsibilities that seem to be slipping right now. I did remember to feed the dogs today though! They like that!

Thank you so much to all who have visited my shop and bought my beads already, your support means the world to me! It took quite some time and effort to actually get to the point of putting beads up for sale and to open my e-mail today and have beads sell in less than 24 hours after listing them truly overwhelmed me. I listed some new beads sets today, some of which have already sold today, as well as some bracelets in my other Etsy shop Juniper Gems.  Stop by and take a peek. The bracelet made with my own beads are listed under the section " Made w/ Principessa Glass. Thanks for stopping by!

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