Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Look!

I gave my blog a face lift today and I really like it! It's more in line with the pink, black and white with a little bit of lime that I like for Principessa Glass. Hopefully it's easy to read. I personally don't like to try and read blogs with backgrounds that compete with the writing. I have eyes with a problem where they fight for dominance, so trying to ready anything in a busy font, or against a busy background drives me bonkers! I am going to spend the rest of today working on beads, and them tomorrow I have an 8 hour class with Sam Hibbler on encasing. Hopefully I will learn a lot, since encasing is an area I am really not to good at! I'm off to melt some glass!!!

1 comment:

hotglassbabe said...

Love the new look of your blog! Super cute!!

I've given you the Sunshine Award! Please see my latest blog post for details!! Have a great day! :)