Friday, February 5, 2010

Need Twistie????

I've got your girl!!! If you hate making twistie, or just aren't very good at it, like me, then I have the best source I've found, to tell you about. My friend Nikki, Of Bastille Bleu, has started selling her own handmade twistie in her bead shop on Etsy. This stuff is fantastic to work with! It's straight as a pin, a nice long length and runs about 3-4mm, so it's not a big fat thing that you need to stretch out in order to fit on your bead, which tends to distort the pattern.

I've had twistie from other sellers that is no where near the quality Nikki offers, and her customer service is top notch! She has multiple listing in her shop right now offering pretty, color themed, selections of twistie in packs of 8 pieces, ranging from 8-12 inches long, for $12.75. She will also do custom orders on twistie, if you desire specific color combos.

My beads pictured here are all made with her handpulled twistie! Until I can make my own decent twistie, I will continue to buy hers! Nikki is a completely self taught lampwork artist, which, let me tell you, is no small accomplishment! Her skills continue to evolve and expand on a daily basis and I am always amazed at what she comes up with. I would have never probably made it very far in this craft if I had gone the self taught route!

Stop by her shop and see what she has to offer. Not only is she incredibly talented, but she is also one of the nicest people you could ever run across! Thanks for stopping by my blog... Have a great day!

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hotglassbabe said...

Oh Audrey! Your the BEST friend EVER!!! Thanks for mentioning my twisties. Im so glad you like them and obviously are a pro at using them too!
Muah! ~ Nikki