Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Doing The Right Thing???

Do you ever feel like despite the fact that you follow the rules, do the right things, play fair, and you still get screwed by all of those who don't and seemingly get away with it? I was rear-ended last week while driving to go get a pedicure. I had waited several weeks to finally go experience this little slice of heaven. It's one of my few guilty pleasures. I was almost to my destination when I was hit by a driver not paying attention coming up to a stop light. It did a bit of damage to my car. Not know what was wrong and given the fact that I was alone and the car was making a new strange sound, I opted to have it towed after I had reached my destination, which was only a few blocks from where the accident occurred.

You hope that all the information you are given when you are in an accident is correct, and that the person is driving legally with insurance, just like you are. I pay my insurance premiums every month, which just moving to this state went up 50%!!! But I still pay them! Today, five days after the accident I was finally contacted by the other parties insurance company. Turns out that they have what is termed as a restricted policy and the driver of the car may not be on the policy, there for not covered. Fantastic! I do have insurance, but the estimate on my car is below the regular deductible, which we keep fairly high, so that we can keep our insurance costs relatively  reasonable. The amount I would have to pay to get my car fixed is more than I have sitting in my piggy bank right now. If it is determined that the driver is not insured then I could use the uninsured driver coverage on my policy, which takes my deductible down to only $250.00. This is much more reasonable, but still would make this the most expensive pedicure I have ever gotten!

Life can be rather disheartening at times! We have always paid our bills and done our best to pay them on time. Even with no late payments and great credit, almost all of the credit card companies we have cards with have raised our rates. Why? Because other people haven't paid their bills. We didn't get a government bailout, but we are paying more for the mistakes other people made! We have never filed bankruptcy, even though we had some seriously lean years and it sure would have made life easier to wipe the slate clean rather than suffer through and pay off all our debt. Actually took longer to have good credit again, than if we had filed bankruptcy! How does that make sense? You pay your debts, and get penalized for it!

Yep... I sound a little bitter today! Frustrated is a better word. You work hard, live life to the best of your abilities and one day you leave the house for a little piece of enjoyment and someone who doesn't play by the rules can really cost you a bundle!

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