Monday, April 5, 2010

Lost and Found!

I think it was the year 1990 when my Husband and I got sent to the Island of Okinawa as part of his Military duty, upon arriving there, we met up with several people he knew from previous assignments. It was nice to met people he knew, most of them had wives who were very nice and I became friends with them quite quickly.  My husband told me he wanted to have a friend and his family over for dinner, so I made preparations, can't remember what I made, but he said they loved food, so I doubt I held back. They arrived, everyone seemed nice and I met the wife, Kim, she was pregnant. She seemed a bit shy, but not terribly and warmed up as the evening went on. I enjoyed the company and I think we all had a nice evening. I didn't see her again until I stumbled upon her at the hair salon, just before she had her baby, she was very friendly and we had a nice chat. The baby came, an adorable boy and she and her Husband were quite pleased, as this was the first boy, they had three girls already. Bob wanted to go visit the new baby, so we set a time, bought a cut boy baby gift and went to visit. Kim was very warm, sweet and friendly and so happy to be a new Mom.

In the next few weeks we began getting together more frequently for dinners and then as our Husbands were out of town, which was often, we started getting together on our own and cooking. Kim was a good cook and waned to learn even more things, so I happily taught her anything I knew she was interested in learning. We spent many hours sitting in the room off her kitchen eating Oreo's while sitting with her little guy, hiding out from the rest out the kids, pouring over cook books and getting to know one another. We both loved dogs, she had a Boxer, I had a Golden Retriever, we would get them together and let them run around outside the kitchen while we stayed safe inside.

I can't say there is a lot about our personalities that is a like, in fact we are quite different, I'm overly chatty, Kim is more quite, I am quite the "Girly girl", Kim is much more down to earth and rarely ever wears make up. We did both love to run, which I can no longer do, but I think Kim still does when she has time. I could go on about all of our vast differences, but it's not important to my story, what is, is the bond that was created over 20 years ago on a tiny island in the middle of the South China Sea. Within in a couple of month of getting to know Kim she shared with me one of the most precious and difficult life experiences she had ever been through up until that point. Something very few people knew about. I was floored that she put so much trust in me, but it told me this woman wasn't afraid to invest in a relationship. Someone who had know deep hurt and still was willing to be vulnerable. I have come to know this to be one of her greatest attributes!

As I have watch this woman over the past twenty year I have seen her weather many unbelievably difficult life situation and still she remains tender, sweet and caring. I hope some day when I grow up I can be just like her! She is now in school to pursue an RN certification so that she can become a hospice nurse. When she told me this I asked her, "Do they know how easily you cry?" ...

I called this post lost and found because after all of our moves and travels we lost track of each other for a couple of years. We had both been looking for each other, I took a chance on an address I had in my horribly disorganized address book after we moved and sent her a card to let her know of our change of address. She called within minutes of getting it! We had found each other again! I have many friends in my life and they are all special to me in different ways. When I tell people about this Kim, I tell them she's the most beautiful person I know!

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hotglassbabe said...

What a great story and Im so thrilled you found each other again! :)