Monday, May 24, 2010

Loooook! New beads!

Can you believe it??? I finally have a few new listings up! Between trying to learn my new camera and life just constantly getting in my way, top that off with a migraine and you've got one bugger of a week, or two! I do have some great sets, at least I think so, coming up to be listed in the next few days. I have some more pictures still to work on, but things are coming along.  The new camera is amazing and would probably be even more amazing if I really knew how to use it!!!

I am thinking about taking some classes this summer on photography and Photo shop. I am sure I would learn a lot and since I am a very visual learner, so reading a manual only makes me crazy! From the class descriptions for both, it sounds like I would gain knowledge by taking both courses. It beats banging my head on the desk!

I am hoping to get my poor Juniper Gems shop re-photographed and spruced up and possibly even start making some pieces for the shop!! You know, I don't know where a day goes.. I rarely sit down unless I am at the computer and then I am working on stuff, like hours of editing for example! I hardly ever even sit down to eat my breakfast! Suffice it to say, I don't have grass growing under my feet, but yet, I can't seem to get much accomplished in a day. I suppose I might be setting unrealistic goals for myself... me... no,  not possible..

Stop by my Etsy shop Principessa Glass and see what new listings I have for this week. Hopefully I will get some torch time in soon and have some more beads to keep this momentum going...


steufel said...

the beads are awesome - especially the pink ones. regards Stefanie

Glass Princess said...

Thanks Stefanie! I love pink!