Monday, November 29, 2010

More Pretty Pendants!!!

Emily and I have been hard at work making more of our soldered glass pendants. I am finally getting more of her work soldered and listed, so you'll get to see what she's been up to. I've had her busy creating art, cutting glass, even wrapping the pendants in the copper tape that goes on before the solder. She hasn't started soldering yet... a bit of a learning curve there and I am just getting it down myself. I will get her going on that end eventually though!

It's been a lot of fun creating these! More than I had ever thought it would be. We spend hours sitting at the table pouring over pages of digital art, working out each design until it is just right. While I know some people make the same pendant designs over and over, we are just making each one once. You may see the same art pop up again, but we won't be using it in exactly the same way twice. I like things that are made that way. It's nice to offer something that is not only handmade, but unique as well.  I have been putting a soldered jump ring on the bottom of about two thirds of the pendants we are making and wire wrapping Swarovski crystals and pearls directly onto them. I love the little bit of sparkle it adds and what girl doesn't like some embellishment??

We have a nice selection of Holiday themed pieces, and an ever growing pile of witty and sassy ones. Emily has quite the sense of humor and has come up with some pretty funny pendants! I like things in life that don't take themselves too seriously, since life itself, often tends to get all too serious.. I like anything that can liven things up a bit and lighten ones mood! We try to make some that are just middle of the road.. you know, Pleasant.. fun... nice... But don't expect to find a Hallmark card... Just not our style!

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