Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ready, Set, SHOP!!!!

Yes... it is almost that time. Once again I feel caught off guard. Even though from a business perspective, I have had a reasonable grasp on the time frame of the upcoming Holidays, on a personal level, I feel a little behind. It was only a few days ago that it suddenly occurred to me that... YES indeed, next week is Thanksgiving. I have procured the proper piece of poultry, and all of it's accompaniments, except for some yams, which will shortly be in hand. I have a menu written down, and a plan in place to make things ahead of time to make the day go easier. Since my husband is an RN and works in an ER, he'll actually be working on Thanksgiving day, so we'll be having our "Thanksgiving" dinner on Friday, just as we did last year. This allows him to have Christmas day off and with a teenage Daughter, it is much more important to celebrate that day "ON" the day, than Thanksgiving, plus being an official holiday, he gets paid a crap load of money to work it!

I have a lot of new jewelry pieces for my Juniper Gems shop and am constantly working on more. I am focusing a lot of the vintage look using antique brass findings and chain. I love how the pieces are coming out! I am incorporating vintage jewels (think 1940-1950+ costume jewelry rhinestones etc) into a lot of these pieces. They are beautiful, full of sparkle and  add a bit of real history and true vintage to the jewelry. I am still, of course using plenty of sterling silver, but the price of sterling has gone to the moon, so it makes everything cost more!

I am working on new techniques with my Lampwork glass beads after taking a weekend long class with Kerri Fuhr. What a darling person she is! I love her scroll work and have been working on that technique, but please know, that I will likely never be Kerri... I will always be me and will work her techniques into my style and tastes. So don't expect to see Kerri duplicates, she's way outta my league to think I could pull that off!  Hopefully you will see the influence of her style in my work, but that it will still be distinctively me. I have made a bunch of hearts using scroll work and made some into necklaces, and offered some for sale as single beads. I am always happy to wire any of the hearts into a pendant to slip onto your own chain. I can do them in either antiqued brass or sterling silver. See my Principessa Glass shop for the latest listings.

I have many more things to show in the up coming weeks, so check back! Thanks for stopping by!


Cindy ~ said...

Oh Miss Audrey - love your blog look for the holiday and your post. Going to have a peek at the shop and thinking about gifting myself the pink heart necklace! :o)
Hugs and holiday wishes!!

Glass Princess said...

Thanks Cindy! I couldn't wait until the day after Thanksgiving... I had to put up my Holiday "decor" this weekend! Unfortunately, the pink necklace has already sold! I will be making something similar though!

Priscilla said...

Wow, Aud, great job on the hearts! I can see Kerri's influence, but you have given it your look. The jewelry pieces are gorgeous. I'll wager you've already sold them.