Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Beads!!! Finally!

Yep... you read that right.. I made beads! I've been working so hard on other projects lately that I haven't taken the time to make a lot of beads, so I decided to get back to my torch and spend some dedicated time just making beads. I think my creative slump lifted a bit and I was able to come up with some fun sets.

I, of course, still made a bunch of hearts, I think that is just a given these days, I can't help myself. I did go bright and bold with most of them. I decided I wasn't interested in doing anything truly winter themed or in real neutral colors, so I went with a "Cheer up, Winter won't last forever"  point of view. I like how they turned out... Hope you do too!

I absolutely love the red I have been working with lately, a Lauscha red. The glass brand does have a reputation for NOT working and playing well with others, even not so well with itself, but so far I have had no major problems. I think most of the issues with this glass come with encasing and I don't do a lot of that. The red is the perfect "Holiday" red, but not just speaking of Christmas.. Valentines day, heck ever the fourth of July would be made better with this red! It's a nice medium color, not too dark, but not too orange-red, and it plays well in the flame. A lot of reds will get dark spots, even turn a bit brown if not worked just right, but I find this glass to be very cooperative! The beads all come out gorgeous and glossy and it doesn't even leave striations, so it's a nice even color through and through!!! Can you tell I'm in love???

The beads I have shown here are currently being shown on my Facebook page, but will be listed in my Etsy bead shop, Principessa Glass on Monday. I still have lots of fun jewelry pieces available in my Etsy jewelry shop, Juniper Gems and there is plenty of time to get things shipped, most places, before the Holidays. I can always upgrade shipping upon request to Priority mail for anything last minute. Thanks for stopping by!


Margaret Duarte said...

Absolutely lovely. What a rewarding craft. I worked with ceramics and porcelain for ten years and sometimes melted colored glass onto my pieces in the kiln. It was always so exciting to open the kiln lid to see what unexpected, almost miraculous, things happened with all that heat. Thanks for sharing.

Glass Princess said...

Thanks Margaret!