Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Now Open for Business!

My new Etsy shop, Principessa Jewels is now open for business! I put a few listing up today and will continue to move listings from my old shop, Juniper Gems over to the new one. It will take me a while to get everything all in one shop, but eventually it'll all be done.

I've been adding a lot of new jewelry pieces, especially the vintage jewels. I have some new bracelets to be listed this week and some really cute necklaces. These pieces are so much fun to wear. These aren't just for those "dressed up" occasions, although they are great for that. These pieces look awesome with a simple t-shirt and jeans, or a simple dress. I love being able to put a little sparkle into everyday life.

Here in Texas sparkle is Queen! You don't have to look hard to find anything and everything embellished with a little bit of bling! I learned very quickly that if you are going to do sparkle here.. then you DO IT! Let's just say it's not a subtle little shimmer.

I've been working on getting more beads in my other Etsy shop, Principessa Glass, but that has been slow going! I did just list three new sets of Pandora style beads, and I will hopefully torch another time or two this week and get a few more things done. Stop by and check out my new shop! Thanks for stopping by.

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