Sunday, April 3, 2011

What's in a Name????

Plenty, they say! Who's "they"? I guess that depends on who you ask, but marketing experts will tell you a name for your business means a lot. I already know mine is too complicated to pronounce, but I traded that for having something that had meaning to me and a bit of inside humor.  My Lampwork glass shop is named Principessa Glass. I thought long and hard about a name for this business. I considered many versions that were a play on my jewelry shop, named Juniper Gems, which has been in place for several years, but nothing had a flow for me.

While I was building my lampworking studio, which was a costly endeavor, my husband was also in school, finishing a degree in nursing. One day I jokingly told him during a conversation about my "needs" for more lampworking supplies, that if he would just get a job, I could afford what I needed to get! (This was in jest!!!) He responded with a smirk and said..."you are such a Princess!" I replied "Thank you!".....

Now, a few months later, while trying to come up with a name, this conversation popped back into my head.. I started playing with it.. Then I took it a little further.. My father is Sicilian and one of my all time favorite movies is "Life is Beautiful", where the main character calls the woman he is in love with and trying to win the affection of, Principessa (Italian for princess), throughout the entire movie. The rest kind of fell into place for me. I told my husband the name, he smiled and said.."yep.. that's it!". 

Now, to make a long story even longer....(I'm good at this)... I have two Etsy shop with names that have nothing to do with one another, which was fine with me until now. I am working on selling my Jewelry and some of my beads locally and need a singular name, so I am moving my jewelry shop and renaming it Principessa Jewels. It will still feature my handmade jewelry using my own artisan made lampwork beads, and my latest obsession, vintage jewels. I use the vintage jewels in combination with the lampwork and alone.

I have the shop set up, but have not yet moved my jewelry there. I will be doing so over the next few weeks in a slow steady stream. Please stop by and check it out!


hotglassbabe said...

Love the name change and totally understand the reasoning behind wanting to make both shops cohesive. :)

Glass Princess said...

Thanks Nik! It didn't really matter till now..Taking things local, I can't have two different banners, business cards etc.. this makes it easier to have a single name.. Not that anyone can pronounce it!