Sunday, March 13, 2011

Super Size Me!

Hearts That would be..........I have some new extra large, focal sized hearts, I just put in my shop. They are about 32mm x 30mm x 18mm(1 1/4 x 1 1/8 x .75 inches) in size. I also have another new shape which is a folk art/ Shaker style heart, which is long and slender.

The large focal heart can be made with either a horizontal or vertical hole. The folk art heart is available in three sizes, the largest of which is currently listed in my shop. I will work on making the smaller two sizes this week. I think the smallest one will make a really cute earring size.

The bigger hearts do have a bit more weight to them. They take the better part of a rod of glass to make and a significant amount of time to build. Since these spend a lot of time in the flame this size may not be well suited to some of the more sensitive colors like pink, which tends to get fickle when heated too long. The more heat loving glass like ivory and opal yellow are awesome with this size, since the longer you work it the more interesting it gets.

I will be playing around with designs on these two new sizes and shapes in the weeks to come. The larger heart offers a really nice big canvas in which to work on.. lots of potential for design possibilities there. It's also a lot of glass to control and keep hot!

I am still playing with my vintage jewels! I will continue to explore designs with them and you'll see these larger hearts be incorporated into my heart necklaces soon. I may also do some simple pendant style necklaces with them as well. The jewelry as always, is listed in my Juniper Gems shop. Thanks for stopping by!


hotglassbabe said...

LOVE the hearts! Your really do an amazing job with them. Im really in love with the folk art heart! Thats right up my alley.... Im such a country gal! Willing to share where you got the press for it... or is it hand-shaped?

Nikki xx

PS... Hope your feeling better!

Glass Princess said...

Thanks Babe!
I will message you with the info on the presses..Yes, I am feeling much better!

Uli Jez said...

This hearts are so amazing, my favorite one is this the colorful with blue in the center!
Kind regards:
Uli from Austria

Glass Princess said...

Thank you!