Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shop in Full Bloom!

Spring is fully upon us, at least here in the south, my condolences to those living in areas that seem to be off to a slow start moving from one season to the next. Here in Texas, temperatures are firmly planted in the mid to upper 80's through the upper 90's depending upon the week. I love the warm weather and am glad it is back. We had a cooler winter this year and it was beginning to get to me.

I have been very much enjoying working on vintage inspired pieces and have recently added Vintage Lucite flower and Vintage/ reproduction vintage, Czech glass flower earrings to my line. The array of colors and styles is amazing! The Lucite is extremely light weight, even the Czech glass weighs very little compared to the lampwork beads I make! These flowers range from very dainty little things to larger more focal sized flowers. I am having a lot of fun playing with combinations of colors, layering, etc.

My focus thus far has been to buy only Vintage as much as possible, especially with the Lucite, but I came across a source the other day that take the vintage reproduction pieces and hand dyes them. The results are stunning! Each batch is unique and different, just the kind of thing I love!!! I have been searching for interesting and not so common filigree bead caps to layer with these flowers to add to the uniqueness. I have been using gorgeous, handmade antiqued brass, ear wires on some of the earrings which are so pretty! I love the little touches that make my pieces a little different from the other similar items being made by other jewelry designers on Etsy.

I am working on adding more beads to my Principessa Glass shop. Admittedly, I have been severely lacking in inspiration these days, so I have decided to go back to basics! I have been playing around with the large collection of pixie dusts that I have and combining them with different colors of glass to come up with unique pairs of spacers. I will try and get more bead sets made, but we'll see how my creative flow goes! Thanks for stopping by!!

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