Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Do I Really Need to Learn a New Craft??

Personally, I don't feel that question needs to be answered.. Some may ask that, but I am just moving on tho the next thing that interests me and I have my reasons... My Grandmother knit beautifully and I promised I would learn to knit..and I will, BUT for now I am going to learn to crochet. I am following a great person on Twitter..Sarah Coffey, and she crochets beautifully, among other things..She is offering free, online, beginning crochet classes from her website, and from looking at the beautiful items she stocks in her Etsy shop.. I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

Let me just say that Sarah is one of the most pleasant and enjoyable people to follow on Twitter that I have come across so far. It's no surprise that she has over 3000 followers! She is responsive, friendly and retweets faithfully! Her Etsy shop is filled with gorgeous crocheted wraps, baby items that make me wish I had found such things when my daughter was about 17 years younger and a few fun pairs of hand embroidered "Naughty" panties that are just a riot!

I bought the suggested crochet kit and yarn today from my local Hobby Lobby. I was going to just order them from Amazon.com as she suggested, which is often my go to place, but I thought I would check HL just in case. The crochet kit was only $1.00 more and the yarn was the same price.. Saved me any shipping and NO waiting..

If you've been wanting to learn to crochet..check out Sarah's website for the schedule of dates.. It's basically once a week on Sunday night, starting on June 5th. She even has things set up so you can view missed classes in the event that you do miss one!

I also highly recommend checking out her Etsy shop and if you Twitter... Follow Sarah


TG Bears said...

Lovely article about Sarah. She is a "Tweetheart" - word thanks to another Twitter friend of mine.

Glass Princess said...

Thanks! I think so too.. Love that term.

MyNewFavoriteThings said...

Wow! Thank you SO MUCH! I am so flattered and can't wait for the class! We're going to have so much fun! :-)

Glass Princess said...

The pleasure is all mine! I am thrilled with your generous offer to teach a series of classes for free.. It shows a real passion for your craft! And by looking at what you produce and sell in your Etsy shop.. you are VERY good at what you do! I hope lots of people take you up on your offer!

Jan Tanis Designs said...

Ohhhhh...crocheting is such fun! After learning just last year...I have crocheted 18 afghans, some as wedding gifts, shower gifts, etc...hats, scarves, fingerless gloves, shawls and even have designed some things myself.

I had said I wanted to learn for over 4 years and finally found someone to teach me - and Terry is on-line, too - on YouTube!!! It was so easy to learn from her, because everything was seen from her eyes - the camera looked directly at what she was doing as if the camera was on her glasses!! I finally got it!!!

Good luck with your adventure into crocheting. Have fun!!!

Glass Princess said...

Oh Jan!!
Thank you for commenting! It's nice to know you CAN be successful! I am learning from a sweet gal I met on Twitter and she is a great teacher.. very patient and very encouraging.. I am sure I will get it, it's just getting past that initial stage of feeling like a retard!