Saturday, May 28, 2011

Guilty Pleasures!

I have a few guilty pleasures.. admittedly, these days I am finding myself leaning more towards the practical side of life, downsizing in a lot of areas, but there are a few, nice, quality items I feel are worth the money, both for the sheer pleasure they give and the fact that they actually last longer. In a lot of cases if you are smart and shop around a bit, know what things cost, you can find what I consider Lux for less.. You have to be a bit careful when shopping this way, because frequently things cost less for a reason..

My number one Guilty Pleasure... high thread count sheets!!! Now, let me go on record and say I have read enough on the subject to know that there is high thread count and then there is ridiculous! Most consumer reviews will tell you any thing over 600 thread count is a waste of money and likely not what it's cracked up to be.. What do I buy..Sheets from Costo! Their Kirkland Signature 600 thread count Supima cotton sheets are amazing... They are over sized, which if you've bought high end sheets before, you may have found that some actually cut corners in some interesting areas.. size for one, with the sheets barely fitting today's pillow top mattresses and cheap elastic which gives up after a couple years. I long ago gave up on those matching sheets that go with your cute bedding, in favor of all white or ivory sheets.. they can be bleached and go with the next thing you decide to go with a couple years from now when you get tired of the current comforter.  At around $75.00 for a queen sized set, the Costco sheets are by far the best quality and price I have found. I have two sets of ivory and after two years, they aren't showing any signs of wear, piling and come out of the dryer, if folded while still warm, fairly wrinkle free. If you have to have perfectly pressed sheets, these might not be for you, but they in no way look like a mess when they are laundered.

Number two... Good hair products! I find that spending a little more money on salon quality hair products is well worth it! They usually are much nicer to your hair, you use less and the results look better. I don't use a ton, and buy from a store that offers a discount, but since going down this road years ago, I can't see using something off the shelf from the grocery store again!

Number three.. OPI Nail Polish! I have more of this than I should admit! I used to treat myself to a pedicure once a month from one of those cute little spa pedicure salons, but since moving to Texas, they are not as popular here and the ones that are around are either dirty, or over priced, so my daughter and I do our own toes. Besides the abundance of nail polish, we have all the other accoutrement's one needs and have a great time bonding over toes!

Number four...Parmesan Reggiano...There is no other way to go! No green can of saw dust, masquerading as Parmesan cheese will ever cross the threshold of my house! One taste of the real thing will leave you wondering how we ever got so far off from the original! I do buy large chunks at Costco, along with some Pecorino Romano, which is a nice alternative and half the price, for when I don't feel the good stuff is warranted.. Yes.. I am a food snob.. I will readily admit that, but have you tried REAL Parmesan???

Number four.. Good Bras.. Yes.. I am going there! While very few women actually where the right size bra, which accounts for a great deal of discomfort and doesn't make you look any better in clothes.. I usually only buy my bras at Nordstorm's..sounds snobby I know, but I have a decent set of girls and they aren't getting any younger or higher up on my chest, so I want to make sure I am getting the most potential out of this under garment! Being fitted and wearing the right size makes a world of difference in not only comfort, but how your clothes fit and look on. Yes, I do pay a bit more for them, so I don't have a large collection, but I do know the girls are well cared for and looking their best! Plus once you do know what size you SHOULD be buying and what is a well made bra, you can frequently find them at discount stores and save a bit of money!

I do probably have a few more I could add to this list, but like I said.. I am moving much more to the practical side these days.. My daughter and I shop a lot at resale shops.. I have a whole bunch of premium jeans, like Seven for all ManKind, Lucky, Joe Jeans etc.. all bought at resale for a fraction of the retail price.. some never worn.. I just recently bought an adorable silk and cotton Gap dress I know wasn't cheap at retail, for $15.00.. It's darling! While I do have a few things I am willing to pay more for.. there is a whole lot more I am able to find for less... maybe that will be another post! Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

I love your list of guilty pleasures!I'm completely there with you. Since my mom introduced me to 500+ thread count sheets, there's no turning back to anything less! I love how COLD they seem to stay. My mom and I have more bottles of OPI polish than I can count. I got her hooked. It all started with my very first pedicure in highschool. I had OPI "Chapel of Love" used on my toes, and I've never turned back. =) And I've always used salon shampoo/conditioner. I have gone back and forth with generic brands, but they just cover your hair with fake shine and don't really heal your hair. Biolage color care shamp/cond has been my staple since high school. AND I do love a good Victoria's Secret bra! =)


Glass Princess said...

DondaLee.. It's nice to know I am not the only one!!! I love finding good deals, but there are a few things that are worth the extra money! That OPI nail polish wears like steel! Especially on toes..That alone had me sold the first time I used it..who wants to have to change or touch up polish very couple days.. NOT me!

Sonishka said...

SO true that sometimes when you invest a little bit more into certain things, it will pay off in long term way. Nice blog ;)