Friday, May 13, 2011

Favorite Finds!

I used to try and do features on some of my favorite Etsy shops a while back and got busy with life and stopped. I need to start doing them again, so here I go!

My first feature goes to Shades of Heaven. I love this little Etsy shop which is dedicated to making handmade fabric flower pins and brooches.  Her style and designs are delightfully fresh and unique! I have bought these type of flowers from a number of other Etsy sellers and each one seems to have their own way of making their flowers a little different adding ones own personal style.

What sets this shop apart is ShaLayne's stellar customer service and attention to detail! I love her unique choices of fabrics and color combinations, along with the inclusion of those pretty little rhinestone pieces! She is very quick to respond to messages, does custom request when possible and ships it all out with amazing speed! I should also mention this isn't her only Etsy shop either! She does all this, on top of making gorgeous jewelry which I have admired for years! Her other Etsy shop is Shalayne Originals, where she makes beautiful, romantic styled pieces, many featuring lampwork beads (now you know why I noticed her work!).

ShaLayne is on facebook, stop by and "like" her page, so you can get updates on new products, sales and such. I found my latest flower brooch on her page and asked her to make me one, since the one from her shop had sold.. she did and it was to me in no time at all! Be sure to check out both of these great shops from a fantastic Etsy seller! Thanks for stopping by!


ShaLayne Originals said...

Oh you are such a sweetie, thank you! I absolutely love making these beautiful items--I'm pretty sure it's an addiction! Your blog is fabulous, as are your lovely jewelry creations!

Glass Princess said...

The pleasure is all mine! You are a fabulous Etsy seller, a true delight to work with and your flowers and oh so pretty..I'm going to have to start wearing them with my PJ's since some days I don't get out of them! One of the hazards of working from home...

ShaLayne Originals said...

LOL! Well I think that works!

PGs Gemspiration said...

What a nice thing to do! And such a beautiful shop.