Sunday, May 8, 2011

More Flower Power!

Yep! Still paying with flowers... still loving it! I've been able to find several sources for hand dyed reproduction vintage Lucite and they are GORGEOUS! The shades they are creating are fantastic and the pieces with multiple color tones are to die for!

I'm still of course playing with my Czech glass flowers as well.. so many colors, sizes and finishes available in these, both vintage and vintage reproduction. I really like combining the Lucite and Czech glass together. The end results are beautiful and still very light weight to wear.

I have some more of the beautiful vintage jewel pendants in the Daisy settings coming. I am setting some myself these days in both the antiqued brass and a silver plated brass. I've found it to be quite labor intensive setting all those little navette jewels! And quite hard on my hands! It's also not easy to find the necessary size jewels needed for the settings. A lot of the price of each necklace is all in the pendant.. they aren't cheap little trinkets.. lots of jewels, which take quite a bit of time and some finesse to get in place.

Most days when outside taking pictures, I do have a very "helpful" photo assistant named Daisy. She's my ten year old, overweight Tabby cat, who loves to spend the warm Texas days out on the porch. I think she thinks, she is a big game cat, out in the wild, soaking up the heat. She alternates to the cool cement when needed and of course has plenty of fresh cool water at her personal "watering hole" (aka dish hiding under wicker love seat, so slobbering dogs don't defile it).

I did manage to get some beads made over the past couple of nights, but don't have photo's taken of them yet. They should be listed in my Etsy shop Principessa Glass early this next week. The jewelry shown here is (or will be) available in my other Etsy shop, Principessa Jewels. Thanks for stopping by!

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