Saturday, September 3, 2011

BRAVO... JoAnn Fabrics!

This evening I went to a local San Antonio, JoAnn  store, they are having an awesome sale on yarn this weekend...BUT that isn't what this post is about. My 17 year old daughter was with me, she's young and pretty (I think so). While browsing the isles for yarn, a man walked by on one end, I didn't really see him, but she reacted. I asked, and she said "He was a creeper". I responded with a standard, just ignore him kind of answer.

We had found some yarn and it was the "right" yarn, so I told her to go put back the other stuff she had in the cart and we'd get this stuff. That's when she said she didn't want to leave the isle, that she didn't want to run into the"creepy guy" again. This prompted me to asked exactly what the "creepy guy" did... She tells me he looked at her in a way that made her feel uncomfortable and winked at her. Now if you are a female, you know there is a way a man can look at you that is unsolicited, unwelcome, and you instantly feel uncomfortable from it.

Being a Mom, I asked what the man looked like, which had my daughter worried I was going to approach him...NO THANK YOU! I went straight to a store employee and reported the predator! From the response it appeared they knew about him. When my daughter saw him again a few minutes later, I approached another store employee, explaining this man had been inappropriate to my 17 year old daughter.

The employee, I think was one of the store managers, said they thought that was the man I had reported, but it appeared he was shopping with his wife! They couldn't ask him to leave the store unless they saw him do something inappropriate, but that they would make sure that he stayed away from my daughter and I while we shopped....  AND BOY DID THEY!

For the remainder of the time we were in the store, they had an employee standing at each end of the isle we were on, followed us to check out and escorted us our car to make sure he didn't approach us in the parking lot! To say that I left the store impressed is an understatement! I am so impressed with how these employees worked to make us feel safe while we shopped and tried to help my daughter feel secure. We didn't stay a long time after the initial incident, the damage was already done and my daughter just wanted to get out of the store and away from this guy. I can't say that I blame her...

I am very thankful to the staff at the JoAnn Fabrics store, who went out of their way to do whatever they could the help the situation! It's refreshing to find people who will do the right thing!


Anonymous said...
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Glass Princess said...

Yeah, I was impressed with what they did, but since he didn't touch her or do anything that I or an employee saw, they couldn't ask him to leave. If he was there alone, I think they may have asked him to leave. But he was shopping with a woman...If it was his wife... I feel REALLY sorry for her!

So sorry about your creeper! I would have probably swerved right into him! Give him something to worry about.. and it's never a bad idea to get a license plate number! You can call the non-emergency police line when you get home, report it. If the person happens to be a registered sex offender, it could have consequences!