Thursday, September 1, 2011

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This will be a busy month for me! We were able to get into two different Markets, the one we did last month in Boerne Texas and New for this month will be the Market Days in Gruene Texas! I am very excited about the Gruene Market.... It's a juried Market, Artisan only, so it's NOT easy to get into. We know we've been accepted for September, but not sure about the follow on months... We'll find out more when we do the Market.

The Boerne Market Days are September 10th-11th and Gruene is the following weekend, September 17th--18th. If you live in the San Antonio area, please come out and see us! These Markets are both really cool, have lots of interesting stuff and it's NOT too soon to start thinking about getting great handmade items for Holiday gifts!

I have a number of items I am selling at the Markets only.. You WON'T fond them in my Etsy shops... You'll have to come out to the Market to purchase them.  Plus having the opportunity to look, touch and feel is great! I don't have photo's of my "Market Only" items to taunt you with yet, but will get some taken and post them!

I am gearing up for the Holidays! I know it seems early and it does seem annoying when you go to the store and see Christmas decorations out before Halloween has even past, but from a retail stand point, you have to start early, and when you make EVERYTHING you sell by hand.. YOURSELF.. it takes a bit of planning!

The pretty soft pink earrings pictured are a nice, different, slightly less showy version of Vintage Jewels. They are transparent and domed, rather than faceted and foil backed. They still take in lots of light and have a nice sparkle, but are a nice, more subtle option for those who like things a little less.."Look at me". I have a similar jewel in a beautiful olivine green soon to be listed, and just got in a wonderful ruby red, which will be great for the holidays.. I have them in both antiqued brass and silver settings, but I have a limited supply. Sometimes I can get more... Sometimes I can't.

I have a nice stash of new crystals in and have been making Vintage Style bracelets out of them. I am working on some coordinating earrings as well, so look for those to be coming soon!

If you want updates on new listings, follow my Twitter! I post things there daily. I also post to Facebook, but less frequently. I have buttons on the side bar on the right if you aren't already following those pages. Be sure to check my Principessa Jewels shop for new jewelry listings and Principessa Glass for beads! Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE all your new items! So fabulous! And you are so right about getting ready for the holidays now. I'm learnig it's never too early to get prepared. I seriously need to do a craft fair. I need at least ONE under my belt. I guess the thought of planning for it overwhelms me. I may try for one in Roundrock in November and maybe one in Georgetown for Christmas. Do you know of any SA ones near Alamo Heights?

Glass Princess said...

I don't know of any specifically in the Alamo Heights area, but no doubt there are some small craft fairs/bazaars to be found. I know there is a Military Spouses thing in Live Oak, but they don't take Jewelry, so I didn't bother. YES... it is a lot of work, but if you can find a partner, it's a lot of fun and you can share a space. I know a lot of people who do it that way.

Once you take the leap, you'll find it's not so bad and you start working out the kinks... so many display things can be made.. do a search online and think "outside the box"!!!