Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I Did and DIDN'T Know About Pinterest!

I did know Pinterest has LOTS of cool pictures.........
I did know that one COULD spend a LOT of time looking on Pinterest.......
I did know a lot of people where using it and LOVING it...........

What I DIDN'T know was.... How much I would love it!
I didn't know I would find RECIPES on Pinterest!
I didn't know I would find great links to cool blogs on Pinterest!

I've only begun the scratch the surface of the potential here and I know that I could easily spend WAY too much time on this site.

I will leave you with the biscuit recipe I made for dinner tonight.. found? By following a link from Pinterest! I am a good cook and can make just about anything I set out to cook, BUT for some reason, biscuits have always been my nemesis! FINALLY, I can say, I can make biscuits, FROM scratch, quickly and they are divine!

Oh, and you can follow me on Pinterest if you want.. the link is on the side with all the rest!

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